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*Poke poke*

Is this community still alive? I suppose I will attempt to dust it off now *cough*.

Lately I have been on a big knitting kick, especially since I now live not far away from a Micheal's that has the one of the best selections of yarn I have ever seen. They also had a yarn sale where everything was on sale 20-50% off. So since moving to where I am now, I have finished the scarf I started a long time ago made of green suede yarn. I also made an alpaca/wool/acrylic blend scarf striped in seed and knitted stitch. I have also started a really cool project for belette's Christmas present, so sadly I can't squee over it yet. :)

Some time later, now that I have my treadle sewing machine back, I am going to make some curtains for my room in my apartment, since right now all I have are venetian blinds, and those are rather boring.

Also, a couple of months ago I wasn't very happy with our cats getting into the butter, so in my ceramics class, I made a butter dish. It has a little handle with two frogs on either side, and is glazed in blue and green. If anyone wants to see it (or any of the other projects I made) I can take pictures :)
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