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Geeks Have To Homemake Too!'s Journal
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Saturday, November 17th, 2007
8:32 pm
*Poke poke*
Is this community still alive? I suppose I will attempt to dust it off now *cough*.

Lately I have been on a big knitting kick, especially since I now live not far away from a Micheal's that has the one of the best selections of yarn I have ever seen. They also had a yarn sale where everything was on sale 20-50% off. So since moving to where I am now, I have finished the scarf I started a long time ago made of green suede yarn. I also made an alpaca/wool/acrylic blend scarf striped in seed and knitted stitch. I have also started a really cool project for belette's Christmas present, so sadly I can't squee over it yet. :)

Some time later, now that I have my treadle sewing machine back, I am going to make some curtains for my room in my apartment, since right now all I have are venetian blinds, and those are rather boring.

Also, a couple of months ago I wasn't very happy with our cats getting into the butter, so in my ceramics class, I made a butter dish. It has a little handle with two frogs on either side, and is glazed in blue and green. If anyone wants to see it (or any of the other projects I made) I can take pictures :)

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, September 29th, 2006
4:08 pm
Crafty shiny sites
I found two rather delicious craft sites for all of you to check out: http://www.craftbits.com and http://www.craftster.org. Both have nice easy and niftastic projects, and stuff made of recyled things. Whoo! Speaking of which, SOCK MONKEY! But I can't figure out how to put pictures on here so no pictures. I may put some on later!
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
9:00 pm
I've been working at a Thrift Store for the summer (to pay my rent in Humboldt because my roommate doesn't want to sublet.) I was cleaning the most darling little coffee cups and noticed that they said "oven to table" on the bottom. I think that means I can bake in them. Now I need recipes for individual desserts/dishes. So far I've thought cobbler, popover, and the cutest cupcakes EVAR!
I'll try any recipes you give me (as long as they're vegetarian and the cups don't explode on me) and hopefully post pictures of the finished products in the cups. I desperately need something to do this summer.

I haven't yet given up on the crowns, I've got a new idea for making them. Procrastination.
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
10:14 pm
xanadu pics (x posted)
Finally took some pics:

Xanadu graffitoCollapse )
DamselCollapse )
This one actually came out better than expected - the image really is ghostly, I wasn't expecting it to be visible at all.
Fall of KryptonCollapse )
This was my favorite bit the first time round, and I still like it.
Pleasure Dome/Shadow on the WavesCollapse )
Just got that last bit set up today, haven't done any stitching on it yet, so that pic is for those of ya who actually care about seeing the w.i.p. stages. If I can manage not to burn off the shadow when I set fire to the Alph, I think I'll have the hardest part all sewed up (so to speak, yuk yuk)!

In other news, I painted some cookies. Egg yolk and food coloring, applied prior to baking. It works on pie crust too. I would recommend doing a whackload at once, because it takes quite a bit of food coloring to overcome the yellow (at least it does if you have corn-fed chickens!) but you can do really fantastic detail. And you can put it on full thickness for strong color, or water it down for a wash effect. I did a bunch of flowers on the cookies, and then because I couldn't stop I did a big Byzantine Mary icon on a pie. Because May 1st is coming up, which is as good an excuse as any for pie-painting, I figure.
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
8:19 pm
Kubla Khan Jacket (x posted)
More stuff to do to fabric: photocopiers use toner. Toner is plastic. Acetone and heat melt plastic. Nail polish remover has acetone; irons have heat. Nail polish remover+iron+photocopy machine=pictures on fabric :D Rather a faint ghostly image on muslin, crisper but still grey on broadcloth, really REALLY ghostly and cool on very sheer nylon scarves from the 80s.

So now I have the fabric for the front right panels of the jacket done, which are the "vision" panels (damsel with a dulcimer and ancient voices prophesying war). I will start taking pictures as soon as I figure out where the hell I put the batteries for the camera, but I'm not sure what you can expect - I don't think I can get a shot of the damsel at all. I might suck up to Ron to take some shots for me, he has a decent camera and lights, and stuff.
I'm really happy with the ancient voices part - on the original it was just kind of a scribble, but I found (what can't you find on line?) a graffiti generator that translates whatever you want into one of several illegible graffiti tag styles. You can customize the colors and give it fancy stripes and shadows and all kinds of cool useless shit. If you're bored and want to see your name in graffiti, it's here The Damsel is three layers - a print on muslin which is beaded, a colored sheer, and then a second print on white sheer.

I've got the whole thing mostly planned out now - it's funny, usually I enjoy the fact that I can turn out neatly tailored garments from the chaos that is my mind and workroom. This time I've done tons of planning and sketches and stuff, and the result is - chaotic. Of course. The Alph falls into the sunless sea on the front left with lots of turbulence and splashing and beading and stuff. That's also where the fall of Krypton bit is going, and the falling water will transfer into the falling bits of building in that frame. The sun is on the right shoulder, and the rays will fade and warp into the caves of ice which are all over the back, with the dome and its reflection on the water somewhere just left of centre. If the demon lover makes it on there, it'll be somewhere lower right back - haven't determined that for sure, I just know I'll regret it if I don't put it in, I liked that bit.

I did manage to find some fertile ground, so the right sleeve is stripes of alternating fertile ground (stripey) and walls and towers (check). The left sleeve has the gardens and incense-bearing trees, and so will be dark and quite possibly lacy and definitely beaded and buttoned.

So basically I'm all good to go except for the collar, which has the top part of the ancient voices on the right but has I don't know what everywhere else. I'm trying to talk myself out of making it out of last year's "State of the Union" speech.
11:41 am
Update on crowns
I've been so lazy lately. The polymer clay just hasn't been turning out well, I think I'll try and bake it before I cut out the pieces. I have also been looking at making it out of tin instead of clay. The tin seems awfully soft, but perhaps it will work.
I had a fit after attempting to work with epoxy I got from Michael's, I will look for two separate tubes instead of one pump type tube with two chambers from now on.
Lots of frustration for now, but I will succeed!!
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
8:02 pm
Whoo, I started a new knitting project, despite the fact that I am already in the middle of two or three others. I got some new "suede" yarn in olive-y green and I am testing it out making a scarf. I am thinking of making a hat or gloves with my other balls of it. I would really recomend Lion Brand Suede yarn, it is super fun to work with, particuarly if you use smaller needles, it turns out all soft and fluffy.
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
2:27 am
Holy Schnikes!
I finally started a new sewing project after like... two years of not doing anything! No pictures yet, as the only thing done is cutting the main pieces, but it will eventually be a floor-length, eight-gored skirt done from a pattern I made myself. The fabric is pale blue fine-waled corduroy, and I hope to make a matching jacket with a modified Simplicity pattern. If it turns out the way my sketches tell me it will, I will have an Edwardian style suit, and will need a Gibson Girl blouse and hairdo to go with it.

Nerdery abounds!
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
12:02 pm
Roasted Asparagus
This is the most delicious way ever to cook asparagus, and pretty simple too:

Preheat oven to 450 degrees (F). Wash and cut/break off woody ends of asparagus. Arrange asparagus in whatever sort of pan you're going to roast it in, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with spices (I just use Mrs. Dash for a ready-made blend), and mix around with your hands. Roast for 10-15 minutes, stirring once or twice, until asparagus is tender, or as I like it, lightly browned in places.

You can also broil it, which is quicker, but you have to watch more carefully to keep it from getting overdone/burned.
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
8:47 pm
I came home the other day and my Roomie said "Oh I made some rice" and I said "Great, now I don't have to cook!" So I go into the kitchen and she'd mixed cream corn with a whole pot of rice (ick!)
I thought I'd just eat around it until she said "Watch out for hair!" "In the rice!?" "Yeah" "How did hair get in the rice?" "Well, I had an accident." "How.." "I didn't notice the bag was open and I dropped a ton of rice on the floor" "... so you picked it up and cooked it?" "Yeah." "Oh.." "What?" "Nothing."
So in addition to the advice I had been giving (Don't burn the rice) I'll add: Don't cook rice you've dropped on the floor and Don't mix cream corn with the rice.
Friday, January 27th, 2006
12:30 pm
Red Cabbage & Apple Crepes
I decided to scan through my vegetarian cookbook (Vegetarian Fast Food by Rose Elliot) for dinners to make, and I found one that looked odd but promising: Red Cabbage and Apple Crepes. Basically, you make a batch of crepes, cook up a bunch of shredded cabbage, chopped apple n' onion, and raisins, then fill the crepes with the cabbage mix. They come out tasting rather like a sweet-but-not-dessert-sweet pierogis.

The recipe for the crepes is:

-1 cup flour, either all white or half white/half whole wheat
-2 eggs
-2 T. melted butter or oil
-1 and 1/4 c. milk

The book suggests whizzing all of the stuff together in a food processor, but I mixed mine by hand, leaving 2/3 of the milk aside for the first mixing, then adding it gradually until I had a thin batter. In a smallish, lightly oiled pan over low heat, drop 2 tablespoons of batter and swirl around to make a thin layer. Cook 1 to 2 minutes until the top looks waxy, flip, cook for a few seconds more, and move to a plate to keep warm. You can cook the crepes before you make the cabbage mixture, or cook them while the cabbage is stewing, as I did.

The recipe for the cabbage filling is-

-1 lb. red cabbage, washed and finely grated
-1 small/medium onion, chopped
-1 apple, chopped
-1/3 c. raisins
-2 T. olive oil
-salt and pepper, if desired

Heat the olive oil in a saucepan, add the fruits and veggies, and stew over low/medium low heat for at least 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, and adding water if the mixture sticks. I stewed mine for about 40 minutes, and added fresh ground pepper, but no salt. You will wind up with a brilliantly purple and slightly funny-smelling mush, but it should taste delicious.

Spoon the filling into the crepes and roll them up. If desired, grate cheddar cheese over the top of the crepes and broil until the cheese gets bubbly. Also if desired, serve with sour cream.

I did the broiled cheese thing with some of mine, and left some plain. They're good either way. Weird and purple, but good.
3:59 pm
I am working on two things right now.
Arwen's Crown from the end of RotK when she is wearing the light green dress, which I intend to make later. http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/Elf/Arwen/Green/Crown.htm
Also, Arwen's hair clippy from the bridge scene in FotR. http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/Elf/Arwen/Bridge.htm#Hair_Jewel
I've got lots of silver sculpty (on sale for $1 at Michael's) and some beads and wire. I spent $35 on beads (bad hippy!) for the crown and I think I'll end up getting another hank of white seed beads for the clippy. I'm also thinking of making Eowyn's circlet (got gold sculpty for the flowers) and possibly Evenstar, which I'd end up sending to Cute Stanford Boy because we've been making cracks about him being rugged and manly like Aragorn since he broke his razor. That's a story for another time.
I'll update later if anything exciting happens, and I'll probably have a cost list by the end.
Saturday, January 21st, 2006
1:05 am
I made oven-roasted rosemary chicken for dinner today. Lupinfancier and GMonkey may ignore the rest of this post.

To make, one takes a butchered chicken (I got mine at the supermarket like a 'normal' person, I didn't kill any roosters), stuffs a sprig of rosemary up its butt in the body cavity, pours a tablespoon or two of melted butter over the bird, and pops it in a 375(F.) degree oven for 15 minutes. During the fifteen minutes, quarter some onions and smallish golden potatoes, and cut up some carrots, and add them to the pan when the fifteen minutes are up. Sprinkle with more rosemary, or different spices if one prefers, and perhaps a drizzle of olive oil, then pour in a cup of wine. Bake for another hour and a quarter or until meat reaches 180 degrees(F.).

Now, being a dumbass, or possibly having an oven that lies about its temperature, I accidentally didn't finish cooking the chicken until half an hour before I had to leave for work, so I didn't follow the last step, which is to make the drippings into gravy, first skimming off as much of the fat as possible (I need a fat-skimming measuring cup), then stirring in a flour/cold water slurry and boiling until thickened, and seasoning with a touch of salt and pepper.

I'm a big fan of those Yukon Gold potatoes- they have nice thin skins so no one else minds when I leave them on (I prefer not to peel potatoes whenever possible), and they have a nice, buttery flavour, even without butter. Also, the smell of cooking onions is one of the most delicious things ever.
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
6:07 pm
I am currently working on two knitting projects, a scarf made of stringy fuzzy green yarn on 11 needles and a dark green sweater knitted in garter stitch with ribbing on the bottom. I just need to get off my lazy ass and finish it. :P

Current Mood: artistic
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
2:04 pm
Anyone that wants to add interests or something to our community description, comment, and I'll tack it on.
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
11:49 pm
First Ps0t! Maybe.
My latest domestic 'triumph'? Finding a new butter dish for $5.00 at Dillards. See, Bill and I had a butter dish already, but it was a sucky butter dish. The lid had no handle, and sloping sides to boot, so it was forever slipping out of our hands and into the butter on the tray. The new dish, on post-holiday sale, had a nice textured leaf pattern on the lid, plus a wee handle. And it's not even a holiday-looking piece of ceramic; it's sandy brown with some reddish inclusions, and the leafy pattern looks rather grape-ish, so really, it works year round. All of the non-seasonal butter dishes were more like $50 than $5, though, so it was a super deal.

My current project is re-hemming a skirt for work. I bought a half-finished, black, 4-gored skirt in a lovely herringbone weave from the thrift store, but the hem is all frayed at the bottom. I'm covering the frayed edge with bias tape, and stitching it all on by hand so it doesn't show on the outside of the skirt. When the hem is done, I will put in a zipper, hem up the lining, and it should be a nice addition to my work wardrobe.
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