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xanadu pics (x posted)

Finally took some pics:

This one actually came out better than expected - the image really is ghostly, I wasn't expecting it to be visible at all.

This was my favorite bit the first time round, and I still like it.

Just got that last bit set up today, haven't done any stitching on it yet, so that pic is for those of ya who actually care about seeing the w.i.p. stages. If I can manage not to burn off the shadow when I set fire to the Alph, I think I'll have the hardest part all sewed up (so to speak, yuk yuk)!

In other news, I painted some cookies. Egg yolk and food coloring, applied prior to baking. It works on pie crust too. I would recommend doing a whackload at once, because it takes quite a bit of food coloring to overcome the yellow (at least it does if you have corn-fed chickens!) but you can do really fantastic detail. And you can put it on full thickness for strong color, or water it down for a wash effect. I did a bunch of flowers on the cookies, and then because I couldn't stop I did a big Byzantine Mary icon on a pie. Because May 1st is coming up, which is as good an excuse as any for pie-painting, I figure.
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