Sleazy Weasel (belette) wrote in domestigeeks,
Sleazy Weasel

First Ps0t! Maybe.

My latest domestic 'triumph'? Finding a new butter dish for $5.00 at Dillards. See, Bill and I had a butter dish already, but it was a sucky butter dish. The lid had no handle, and sloping sides to boot, so it was forever slipping out of our hands and into the butter on the tray. The new dish, on post-holiday sale, had a nice textured leaf pattern on the lid, plus a wee handle. And it's not even a holiday-looking piece of ceramic; it's sandy brown with some reddish inclusions, and the leafy pattern looks rather grape-ish, so really, it works year round. All of the non-seasonal butter dishes were more like $50 than $5, though, so it was a super deal.

My current project is re-hemming a skirt for work. I bought a half-finished, black, 4-gored skirt in a lovely herringbone weave from the thrift store, but the hem is all frayed at the bottom. I'm covering the frayed edge with bias tape, and stitching it all on by hand so it doesn't show on the outside of the skirt. When the hem is done, I will put in a zipper, hem up the lining, and it should be a nice addition to my work wardrobe.
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