The Best Scum Ever (lupinfancier) wrote in domestigeeks,
The Best Scum Ever


I am working on two things right now.
Arwen's Crown from the end of RotK when she is wearing the light green dress, which I intend to make later.
Also, Arwen's hair clippy from the bridge scene in FotR.
I've got lots of silver sculpty (on sale for $1 at Michael's) and some beads and wire. I spent $35 on beads (bad hippy!) for the crown and I think I'll end up getting another hank of white seed beads for the clippy. I'm also thinking of making Eowyn's circlet (got gold sculpty for the flowers) and possibly Evenstar, which I'd end up sending to Cute Stanford Boy because we've been making cracks about him being rugged and manly like Aragorn since he broke his razor. That's a story for another time.
I'll update later if anything exciting happens, and I'll probably have a cost list by the end.
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